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Community Engagement

Whether it's engaging with your local community through Corporate Social Responsibility projects or improving Employee Engagement initiatives, our innovative training sessions are just the ticket! By employing elements of game design and unlocking creativity, your people will be empowered to make the changes that you would like to see.

Enhanced Sustainability Credentials

Backed by many years of experience in the environmental sector, our behaviour change training and Carbon Literacy Accredited Training will help you 'Green' your organisation and save money to boot.

Skills for The Future

We aim to help you create solutions, however we guarantee to empower your people to become better problem solvers, "teaching them to fish" by unlocking their creativity and ensuring Continuous Improvement within your organisation

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Creative Engagement provides training designed using Gamification techniques, encouraging participants to embrace their Creativity in order to reach innovative solutions. We aim to inspire and empower businesses, communities and individuals to put their ideas into action.

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Manchester, UK
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