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Bored to the Board for business

Bored to the Board for business is an outcome-focussed workshop designed for businesses of all sizes. It’s adaptable to difference industries and sectors and can be used across teams or whole organisations.

Purpose of workshop:

The workshop is based around devising a board game to gain a better understanding of a project or goal. It’s ideal for businesses which:

  • Want to devise ways to achieve strategic project planning
  • Need to create a shared vision and team buy-in
  • Want a creative way to address a project
  • Are looking to address obstacles to success
  • Require a creative workshop to enable staff
  • Need to develop innovative project planning

How the workshop works:

Focussing on questions such as ‘how do we define success?’, ‘what are the milestones along the way to achieving success’, and ‘what boosts or perils could we face’, participants are encouraged to problem solve and innovate in order to develop a deep and valuable understanding of the issue at hand.

During the workshop we employ a range of exercises to engage participants in defining and understanding the business goals. This enables a high quality analysis of targets and ambitions, and facilitates strategic thinking into how to go about achieving them.

We challenge participants to define their roles within the team or company and what each of them can contribute. This recognizes each of their skills but also focusses on their part in the success in the business as a whole.

Each exercise builds up elements which contribute to the creation of a board game, which participants then work in teams to devise.

The workshop ends with each team presenting their games to the room.

“I felt discouraged with some situations at work. Now I’m energised” – Helene


After the workshop participants are empowered and task-focussed about achieving their goals. They are equipped with a deeper understanding of what they need to achieve and how they can go about achieving it, along with a clear sense of a pathway to reach their target.

The creative and interactive aspects mean participants are energised and optimistic about their goals, with a sense that they are worthwhile and achievable.

The group work encourages teamwork and peer to peer support, while allowing each participant an opportunity to consider their own contribution to success, leaving them empowered to move forward.


The workshop can be run as:

  • Half day (4 hours)
  • Full day (8 hours)

The various durations allow for client-based flexibility depending on the nature of the core issue being addressed, and other logistical issues such as available time etc. We’re happy to discuss what you need.

Who hosts:

The workshop is hosted by Jo Wilkes and Anna Whitehead who devised the Bored to the Board workshop and specialize in training and game design.


The workshop can be run for groups from 6 – 80 people. Any group over 25 would require additional support which can be provided by the client or Creative Engagement.


Creative Engagement supplies all resources and materials for the workshop.

Manchester, UK
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