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Giving Something Back

Giving Something Back

Our Giving Something Back training sessions are designed to help you improve the sustainability rating of your organisation, by hitting your triple bottom line targets – social, economic, environmental.

Corporate Social Responsibility

How To Inspire And Empower Urban Communities In Environmental Design

Through personal experience and case studies this workshop looks at how to empower communities and work with them to create interesting and empowering CSR projects.

Hitting Your CSR Targets

This workshop examines your CSR targets by looking at connections to support your company values and local communities/ charitable organisations.

Valuing Volunteers

Finding and recruiting and keeping volunteers, Understanding why people volunteer.

Youth Leadership

Coming soon…



Carbon Literacy Accreditation

The Carbon Literacy accredited training is inspiring and empowering for organisations and individuals alike. It will teach you the basics of climate change science, what’s already happening locally/globally. It helps you explore how your actions may be affecting climate change and what you, as an organisation and individual can do to help your business adapt/mitigate, being a more efficient and sustainable organisation. This is a great course for business and communities.

Greening Your Business

Save money, motivate your staff and help the environment, be ahead of the competition to create a more sustainable business.

Green Urban Living

Exploring the environmental impact of living in cities, hear inspiring stories of people and companies taking action to help build communities environmental initiatives. Where can your organisation/ community group fit in this challenge to be one step ahead of the environmental challenges we face. As well as inspire you to take action it can also help you plan and deliver your action.



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