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Helping Your People Grow

Helping Your People Grow

Today’s business world acknowledges that Human Capital is the most important source of competitive advantage. So let us help you help your people become more engaged in their work.

Team Building Days

From Bored to the Board

Our flagship training. This team away day will motivate and create buy-in of a company’s strategy/vision or project from the staff. By using Gamification techniques the group will be taken through a series of activities to help understand and strengthen the team and organisation. By the end of the day the team will have create a collaborative business game which incorporates the company vision and values, inspiring and creating behaviour change to drive the business towards the company goals. Read More.


With this team away day your staff will have fun in a dragons den style creative Team building activities that will have you working creatively together design and pitch business product ideas, helping to understanding colleague strengths and challenges.


This workshop will help you understand the importance of making your brand stand out using Animation and help you create an animation as a team to explain your organisation vision and story. By taking you through a creative process and working with a professional animator you will to produce an animation brief which will then be created by the professional animator Kim Emson.


Human Resources & Management

How People Learn

Understand your colleagues/staff to bring out the best in them.

How to Run Inclusive Meetings

Train the trainer on how to run a productive inclusive workshop understanding team dynamics and techniques to hear everyone’s voice. Using Ketso and gamification techniques, the power of play will inspire and empower


Corporate Social Responsibility

Carbon Literacy Accreditation

The Carbon Literacy accredited training is inspiring and empowering for organisations and individuals alike. It will teach you the basics of climate change science, what’s already happening locally/globally. It helps you explore how your actions may be affecting climate change and what you, as an organisation and individual can do to help your business adapt/mitigate, being a more efficient and sustainable organisation. This is a great course for business and communities.

Valuing Volunteers

Finding and recruiting and keeping volunteers, Understanding why people volunteer.


Promoting Your Organisation / Networking

Stand Out From the Crowd – Presentation Skills

Do you dread presenting your ideas whether that be to your work colleagues, clients, job interviews. No more death by power point! Build confidence to present your ideas Understand your audience Explores alternatives to PowerPoint (Petcha Kucha, Prezi, Ketso)



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